Do you feel overwhelmed with the complexity of change and the amount of unknowns?

Do stakeholder collaboration and team processes exhaust you?

Does your organisation struggle to bring everyone to the same page?

Turns out that leading complex change collaboratively is very different to an authoritarian approach. It can feel a lot harder and take a much longer time, but this is not permanent.

It is a transition phase.

The problem is that we were not taught the crucial facilitation skills to bring our leadership genius into collaborative ways of working.

Once you have learnt the principles and foundations of facilitation to navigate the unknown, things get a lot easier and a lot more relaxed.
When I first started working with groups 30 years ago, I was terrified with the level of unknowns I had to handle. I was controlling the agenda, which was exhausting for everyone involved, including me. But I knew that collective decision-making and collaborative ways of working are essential if we want to create a sustainable future.

So, I decided to master the Art of Collaboration and Group Facilitation once and for all.

I did deep research, trained with the experts in facilitation, did countless hours of experimentation and personal development.

Now, I have exactly what it takes to thrive in the unknown as a confident group facilitator.

And so can you.

What You'll Get

This one hour video will leave you with an array of skills and tools to take into your organisation to facilitate the unknown.

  • Understand how the unknown is unlimited potential

  • Use your attention as your super power to pick up the subtle clues

  • Comfortably exercise silence to give space for the most potent answers to emerge

  • & so much more!

What Attendees Have Said

There's so much more to leadership

by Rachel

It was such a pleasure to attend this webinar. Simone extended my understanding of facilitation in practice, my roles within my organisation and helped me to consider new aspects of leadership within the stakeholder and community engagement arena. This was so valuable, thank you Simone.

The power of neutrality

by Rose

I learned so much about the role of the facilitator in exploring the unknown and the power in remaining neutral. Simone really walked her talk as a facilitator. She was calm, purposeful and a clear communicator, I really enjoyed this session.

Great techniques

by Rita

Simone presented specific techniques for a range of scenarios which I can see myself using in my work. She's a great presenter and I look forward to future webinars.

True team alignment

by Demian

Simone's facilitation brought our team into a powerful alignment around our mission. We were already excited about what we are doing but to create a succinct statement of our collective purpose which we all stand by takes it to the next level.

Facilitation and mindset nuggets

by Suzie

I got a number of gold nuggets for facilitation strategies and mindsets. Everything Simone said felt relevant and was presented clearly. She also used stories to bring the material to life which I found helpful to further understand the key points.

Finding focus

by Roma

This webinar was a great reminder of what it is to facilitate as a whole person. I learned about how to use the 'torch of attention' to shift focus and find new insights in moments of panic as a facilitator and find my way during my facilitation when I'm feeling lost.

Get In The Know

and understand how to lead complex change.